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Company Profile

  Anhui Huaxin Medicinal Glass Products Co., Ltd. is located on the north side of Central Avenue of Lai'an County Economic Development Zone. It is close to 104 National Road, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Railway. The transportation is very convenient. After the reorganization of Anxian Medical Glass Plant, Enterprises, covering 22,000 square meters, construction area of 35,000 square meters, the main production of low borosilicate glass control injection bottles, neutral borosilicate glass control injection bottles.

       The company's main products are low borosilicate glass control injection bottles, neutral borosilicate glass control injection bottles, health products bottles, essential oil bottles, candy bottles, specifications from 1ml - 100ml, the full range, with good water resistance, heat Shock resistance, resistance to freezing and excellent tolerance range, is a variety of biological agents, freeze-dried powder, vaccines, blood preparations and other drugs preferred packaging.

Companies focus on product development, production, and marketing, standardization and professional production and sales team, the company has grown in scale, to maintain rapid development, the Chinese Medical Packaging Association member units, holding the State Food and Drug Administration drug packaging materials And container registration card (Ⅰ), through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system, product quality are better than the national standard, reached the international advanced level.

       Company to "tree quality awareness, a Hua Xin brand" business philosophy, in a sincere attitude, continuous technological innovation, quality products and services in the pharmaceutical industry!









Online consultation

Online consultation

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