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What is the difference between a molded bottle and a control bottle?

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1, the system is not the same, the control bottle is first pulled into a glass tube, and then use a glass tube in the vertical turntable machine made of bottles, molded bottles are borax, quartz sand in the ranks of the furnace made of bottles, Control the bottle does not use the mold, only the use of two sets of mold wheel, mold bottles need to set the mold;
2, the appearance is not the same, the appearance of the control bottle looks bright, transparency is better, the mold bottle rough.
3, the material: the control bottle is generally low boron domestic, can also be made of high borosilicate, boron in silicon, and molded bottles of soda-lime glass, due to the material in the drug resistance to acid inferior to the control bottle. The control bottle is freeze-dried and the molded bottle can not be lyophilized.










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