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Analysis of the Causes of Glass Chip in the Lyophilized Powder Products

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To sum up, there are the following problems:
1, the domestic production and supply are low borosilicate glass glass tube at both ends of the pass, the raw materials in the production and other aspects of the skins easy to fall inside and stick to the inner surface of the glass tube.
2, low borosilicate glass compared to neutral borosilicate glass, boron oxide content is much lower, the thermal expansion coefficient was significantly higher (low borosilicate glass 6.2-7.6, neutral borosilicate glass 4.0-5.0), resistant to freezing , The strength of natural impact, there is also a matter of cloth on the cloth.
3. The main glass tube is too much impurities that is broken glass content too much, so that the boron content of the glass tube is too low, resulting in decreased amount of vials and produce a glass of cloth problems.With the low borosilicate bottle , The probability of falling streak dropped to less than one thousandth of the following, the risk of drug use greatly reduced.
4. Linkage line prone to this situation, from the bottle to start to adjust, to ensure that the bottle force, heat evenly. Strengthen the control of the bottle.
5. It should be said that the quality of a good bottle of vials in the sterilization process will be much better, mainly for the poor quality of the vials in the production process due to the bottle stress is not completely eliminated, and because of low borosilicate glass Expansion coefficient is too large, in the high temperature sterilization, the glass surface structure received squeeze damage, broken bottle rate will increase.
6. Bottle in the tunnel oven temperature rose sharply to 300 ℃ above the glass expansion of each other squeeze the bottle is another important factor in the production of glass shavings. Therefore, the tunnel oven design can be considered if the high temperature section of the glass expansion stress release, the broken bottles, glass chips to solve the problem is also a good way.










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