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The solution of the virgin bottle rupture

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Can be resolved from the following aspects:
1, in the cooling to eutectic temperature near the slow cooling rate;
2, in the sublimation of the early drying at a slower rate of temperature;
3, reduce the liquid level.
Explained as follows:
1, if the pre-cooling too fast, the liquid will be in a supercooled state, the temperature is much lower than the freezing point. The freezing is done in an instant, freezing is not enough to raise the temperature of the product near the freezing point, but much lower than the freezing point. So the liquid volume (with the density at different temperatures) expansion of the tension will be applied directly to the vials, the bottle broken. At the same time as a result of instant freezing, there will be "hot impulse" phenomenon, the product quickly exothermic, vials due to uneven heating and broken.
2, sublimation stage, the warehouse convection heat convection is very weak, the liquid has been frozen can not convection heat transfer, so the heat transfer mode is mainly conduction, followed by radiation, Xilin bottle at this time it is easy to heat uneven.
If the temperature is too fast at this time, the fragrance of the bottle will be more serious, eventually leading to broken.
3, the liquid crystal is strong, in the ice knot process will form an interwoven crystalline grid structure, mechanical strength is large, so the product of the bottle will be greater tension, so that the bottle broken.
4, the liquid volume is too high, the vertical tension is not easy to release, will accumulate the formation of a larger tension to the bottom of the bottle off.










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