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Heavy snow season cold health care nine principles (Figure)

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China's weather network reported early, cold air frequently affected China, most of the north cold, which is the characteristics of the season into the snow. Every year from December 7 to 8 for the 24 solar terms in the snow and solar energy. The arrival of snow and solar energy, indicates that the formal into the winter when the coldest, and the weather is dry, low humidity, health care at this time is particularly important.
According to Fenghuang Wang reported that Chinese medicine is known as "spring and summer Yang Yang, autumn and winter yin and yin," said, so the winter is overcast, to the solid Yin Yin-based, from the perspective of Chinese medicine health, snow season is a good health nursery Time, then the snow season how to do health how to do it? Chinese medicine to remind the snow season health has nine principles, so that can make you healthy throughout the winter.

First, warm care yang
Winter is overcast, to protect the essence of Yin-based, should be less leakage of fluid. So winter "to the cold on the temperature" to prevent the cold invasion is necessary. But not so warm, especially bogey thick fur, to drunk drunk, baked belly, storm sweat.
Snowy weather is characterized by dry, air humidity is very low. In addition, the clothes to increase with the increase in temperature, should be warm close, do not make the skin open sweat out, protect yang from invasion. The temperature will be lower at night, when the night to add more clothing to make the limbs warm, smooth blood, so you can avoid the occurrence of many diseases, such as colds, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, cerebral thrombosis and so on.

  Second, the living should be early to get up early
Winter yang chill, especially at night, to "early lying late." Sleep early to Yang Yang Qi, late to solid Yin fine.
Snow season, all things hidden, health should follow the laws of nature, in the "possession" word effort. Living conditioning should be early to get up early, and to convergence air, especially in the south to keep the lungs Qing Su. Sooner or later temperature difference, the elderly should be careful living, appropriate exercise, enhance the ability to adapt to climate change.


  Third, support should be appropriate
The so-called moderate, is to just right. Can not be too much. If too cautious, it will lead to nursed back to health, at a loss. A little bit of labor is afraid of gas consumption, a little cold and heat of the incontinence behind closed doors, food, fear of fat and greasy and small meals, such a state, are due to keep too much and constrained, not only detrimental to health, More can not "all day."
Fourth, do not overbearing
Comprehensive nursed back to moderate. Some people to "fill" as a raise, so the diet emphasizes nutrition, food will tonic; living stressed ease, resting only; In addition, also to supplement the drug as a supplement. Although Sibu, medicine fill, resting in the health category, but with too much but will affect health. As some people eat too much will be overnutrition, too resting only do not love it will appear static and physical disorders, if the drug is too late will occur yin and yang partial ups and downs, so that the body metabolism disorders and things backfire

Five, foot bath massage
Must always keep the feet clean and dry, socks diligent wash, every day with warm water feet, while massage and stimulate the feet of the feet. Every day to walk more than half an hour, activities feet. In addition, choose a pair of comfortable, warm and lightweight, good moisture absorption of shoes is also very important.

Six, to drink plenty of water
Although the winter sweat and urination to reduce, but the brain and the body organs of the cells still need to nourish the water to ensure the normal metabolism. Winter in general daily water should not be less than 2000 to 3000 ml.

 Seven, keep a good spirit
Winter is easy to make people physically and mentally in a low state. The best way to change your mood is activity, such as jogging, dancing, skating, playing, etc., are to eliminate the winter boring, maintenance of the spirit of medicine.


  Eight, ventilated brain
Winter indoor air pollution than the outdoor serious number of times, should pay attention to open doors and windows ventilation, to clean the air, brain refreshing.

Nine, porridge nursed back to health
Winter diet avoid sticky cold. Nutrition experts to promote the morning served hot porridge, dinner should be dieting, to support the stomach gas. In particular, mutton porridge, glutinous rice jujube lily porridge, eight-treasure porridge, millet milk rock sugar porridge and so the most appropriate.










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